Master Keys Week 3 Experience

This blog is a little late as I have been easily distracted. However apart from this I have been very good at maintaining my disciplines.

I have sat for 15 minutes every day as well as read the Master Keys and Ogg and my DMP. I have found that there are some aspects of the Master Keys which I do not like. Not the disciplines or the science but the idea of the Universal Mind.

It doesn’t make sense to me. If there was only one Universal Mind of which we are all a part and it only wants good then there would be no bad in the world. However there is bad in the world.

As a Christian I can reconcile this quite easily because Jesus is the Source of all good in the universe. I had a very powerful experience while sitting on a couple of different days. I was meditating on the idea as Jesus as the Universal source when I had a vision of him at the Father’s side glowing so brightly that his visage couldn’t be seen.

At the same time I felt His power come into my body around the solar plexus in a strong and powerful way. It was not painful but it was powerful.

I have no doubt in my mind that Jesus is the source of all good in the Universe.

Thank You Jesus.

Master Key Week 2 Experience

It’s great to see how this course builds up piece by piece. There is a great line in the notes for week 2. It talks about the Law of dual thought. Or for my paraphrase, ‘You can only think and feel one thing at a time’. So the question I am asking myself is what am I choosing to think about this course. Am I attaching overwhelm and stress to the activity or am I attaching faith and confidence.

Another way to talk about this is through the analogy of a bridge. At the top of my blog you can see a photo of a bridge. In life our blueprint has already been created and is a bridge to manifesting results. Everything we are and do in life is a result of our blueprint bridge. Over the years I have manifested many things. Some are good and some are not so good. Today I am a new man. I let go of the seeds which brought me to destruction and I take hold of the seeds which bring me success.

I truly have a burning desire to have a blueprint in life which creates success and happiness in my life and which I can teach to others so they can have success and happiness in their life.


Authentic happiness? Yes you can!

Master Key Week 1 Experience

This is the second time I have gone through the course. The first time I got halfway through before I chose to be overwhelmed. The basic feeling I had was that I was getting further and further behind.

My goal this time around is to put more into it than last time. Being half hearted is a recipe for being left behind.Even though I didn’t put 100% into the course I had many benefits from the course.

One of those benefits was personal change. I am now much more certain about who I am and what I want. Working through the DMP is a great way to do that.

I have also found that my DMP is starting to manifest. My business has been stagnant but my goals in the other two areas of my life are progressing wonderfully. I am about to purchase a block of land and am very excited about it. The church is doing well and next year as a team we are going to get into detail on handing it over.

All in all, I am looking forward to completing the course because even though I didn’t finish it last time there was great improvement in my life. In truth the course is never finished as it becomes a way of life of continual improvement and passion.

Thanks for reading.