Master Key Week 2 Experience

It’s great to see how this course builds up piece by piece. There is a great line in the notes for week 2. It talks about the Law of dual thought. Or for my paraphrase, ‘You can only think and feel one thing at a time’. So the question I am asking myself is what am I choosing to think about this course. Am I attaching overwhelm and stress to the activity or am I attaching faith and confidence.

Another way to talk about this is through the analogy of a bridge. At the top of my blog you can see a photo of a bridge. In life our blueprint has already been created and is a bridge to manifesting results. Everything we are and do in life is a result of our blueprint bridge. Over the years I have manifested many things. Some are good and some are not so good. Today I am a new man. I let go of the seeds which brought me to destruction and I take hold of the seeds which bring me success.

I truly have a burning desire to have a blueprint in life which creates success and happiness in my life and which I can teach to others so they can have success and happiness in their life.


Authentic happiness? Yes you can!

2 thoughts on “Master Key Week 2 Experience”

  1. Well put, Mike. Here’s a thought: do you desire a blueprint for success and happiness or success and happiness? admittedly a little like asking how many angels can fit on the head of a pin.

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