Master Keys Week 3 Experience

This blog is a little late as I have been easily distracted. However apart from this I have been very good at maintaining my disciplines.

I have sat for 15 minutes every day as well as read the Master Keys and Ogg and my DMP. I have found that there are some aspects of the Master Keys which I do not like. Not the disciplines or the science but the idea of the Universal Mind.

It doesn’t make sense to me. If there was only one Universal Mind of which we are all a part and it only wants good then there would be no bad in the world. However there is bad in the world.

As a Christian I can reconcile this quite easily because Jesus is the Source of all good in the universe. I had a very powerful experience while sitting on a couple of different days. I was meditating on the idea as Jesus as the Universal source when I had a vision of him at the Father’s side glowing so brightly that his visage couldn’t be seen.

At the same time I felt His power come into my body around the solar plexus in a strong and powerful way. It was not painful but it was powerful.

I have no doubt in my mind that Jesus is the source of all good in the Universe.

Thank You Jesus.

One thought on “Master Keys Week 3 Experience”

  1. Mike,
    Here’s how I work with Haanel and I notice that Mark is basically saying to us to figure it out for ourselves. When Haanel refers to Universal Mind, I think: Supreme Being.
    There is still way lots of good stuff from Haanel so I encourage you not to get caught in the ultimate distinctions.
    It seems to me that it’s all in the service of the highest good.

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